In Sinistereo (Part Three)

by Zombina and the Skeletones

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Recorded Halloween 2016

Art by the incredible Hurricane Ivan -


released October 31, 2016

Zombina and the Skeletones is...

X. Spectre - Saxophone (coming soon)
J. Hem - Drums
K. K'Thulu - Bass
D. Horror - Guitar/Synth
Z. Hatchett - Vocals



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Track Name: Kill!!!
I've seen you around
But I never heard your voice before
I did today, I did today
I can't get it out of my head
It's like a song that keeps on
Going around, a beautiful sound

Every day I watch you from my attic window
The way you move, the way you look
It makes me feel as though...

I would kill for you
Just tell me where and when and who
I'll do it to prove my love for you
Yes I'd kill for you
I will you know, it's true
I'll do it now
Just try and stop me
Just watch me...

Like I watched you
Through the hole in the wall
Yeah, I saw it all
I watched you wiping clean the blade
I saw you wrestling the bloody stains
I felt so faint (with love)

Come back to my place and stay with me awhile
All we have to kill today is time
Track Name: The Stakeout
Those chariots of black and white
Flashing all my front path awash with blue light
And I know that I might owe my life
To these chivalrous and buff everyday knights

I feel so safe
Now the inspector's men have sealed off the place
Cause now I know no one's getting in
No one's getting out

(Remember if you should need anything just shout!)

Meanwhile Captain Kapinsky sits
Somewhere dimly lit, his finger flips a switch
Pushes a button, turns a dial
Disconnecting, reconnecting all the wires

Hero of the day
Protecting me from so far away
But yet the phone is ringing again
I lift the receiver
And hear something I did not want to hear...

Through the clouds of static interference
I hear you now, all sexy and threatening
I brace myself.

"Tell me somebody's tracing the call!"

The lights go out
The line goes dead
And someone shouts...

"The calls are coming from inside the house!"
Track Name: Stalkin'
There's a brand new shake that's going around
They're doing it all over the underground
Pick a partner but keep your distance
And you'll be stalkin' in an instant

Stalkin', stalkin', stalkin'
...'Til you're my baby

Stalkin' with my baby in the night
Stalkin' makes my baby feel alright
Stalkin' is the dance to do
You stalk me and, baby, I'll stalk you

In the midnight hour...
Track Name: Rámon
Let's talk about this business
Of going back in time
OI can't be a witness
If you do it in your mind

"What's in the basket?"
Joe, my komodo dragon
"That's a fine looking reptile!"
Oh, yeah! Tell me about it!

My brother flushed an alligator
Arise crocodile from the sewer slime

It's all lies of the inside kind
How do you sleep at night
(We don't want to know)
May I remind you who un-spined you?
Ain't I been nice?

I wanna ask you
"Do you think I'm doing my best?"
I'm not really trying.
Just kinda loving up a mild sweat

After all the wonderful things that you done me
It's a wonder I ain't flushed you yet

You'll make some lucky kid a good pet one day
As long as you behave yourself...
You won't get flushed away