In Sinistereo (Part Four)

by Zombina and the Skeletones

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Recorded at the end of 2016

Art by the incredible Hurricane Ivan -


released December 26, 2016

Zombina and the Skeletones is...

X. Spectre - Saxophone (coming soon)
J. Hem - Drums
K. K'Thulu - Bass
D. Horror - Guitar/Synth
Z. Hatchett - Vocals



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Track Name: The Wild
Right now is as good a time as any
To tell you I was raised by wolf dogs
Hiding out in a forest
Running around with nothing on
Living like an animal
I thought I was an animal
Catching and eating anything or anyone

Get back to the pack
Not anymore

Life is good for a feral child
No one cares if you smell bad
No no no need to brush your teeth
They just kinda do it by themselves
Track Name: Haunted House of Love
I'm all alone in the haunted house of love

Because you knock at my door
And then you run away and hide
Because you're too scared to come on inside now

Baby, please
Don't be afraid of me
I'm not the beast
That I appear to be
Now I've thought it through
I think you're haunted too
We should go and be alone together oh oh
Track Name: Satan Is Alive In You
Satan is alive in you
Satan will survive in you
And there's nothing that you can do
The evil power will not be removed
Oh, Satan is alive in you

We always knew that he would be reborn
Reincarnated in a human form, oh
Satan is alive in you
Better lock yourself up in a tower
To save us all from the devil's power, oh
Satan is alive in you

You were living in a dungeon
With werewolves and snakes
I have no doubt
They helped you to escape, oh
Satan is alive in you
Track Name: Whatever You Do, Don't Fall In Love
Baby, oh baby is there something wrong?
Baby, oh baby is there something going on?
You've got a lot of reasons to be staying out late
And baby that's well and good
But when I see you hanging round with her
Somehow I just don't feel like I should

Whatever you do, don't fall in love
(Oh no I don't wanna see you fall)
Whatever you do, don't fall in love
(Don't fall in love, oh yeah)

You may not be messing around with her
But I know she's messing around with you

Baby, oh baby is there something wrong?
Baby, oh baby tell me what's going on
'Cause you still got my ashes on your mantel piece
And you still got my memorial plaque
How come you keep telling everyone
That I died of a heart attack?