In Sinistereo (Part One)

by Zombina and the Skeletones

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Recorded at The Kremlin, by a two headed dog
October 2015

Art by the incredible Hurricane Ivan -


released October 30, 2015

Zombina and the Skeletones is...

X. Spectre - Saxophone
J. Hem - Drums
K. K'Thulu - Bass
D. Horror - Guitar/Synth
Z. Hatchett - Vocals



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Track Name: (All I Wanna Do Is) Decompose (With You)
If I had one dream come true
There's nothing I would rather do
Than slip into an open grave
And decompose with you

You know I couldn't ask for more
The earth has no greater pleasure in store
For worms we'll make a romantic feast
So what are we waiting for?

All I wanna do is decompose with you

Casket bound and buried deep
Dust to dust and cheek to cheek
I'll drift into endlessness
While you rot me to sleep

We'll wait until nature's full
Effects render us indistinguishable
One foul mass of inhuman love
Come on, come on, come on
Track Name: Beware: Cosmic Plague
It's the astral detective
Riding a ghost train to hell
Blazing a trail of snakes and decay
Powerless under the spell

His breath is infective
Spreading destruction
Through the vastness of space
Drawn to the earth like magnets to magnets
Like maggots to a corpse's face

Hey! Hey! Hey! Beware cosmic plague!
Track Name: The Changeling
Even as we sleep
The evil creeps under our skin
Even as it creeps
The transformation begins

Can you feel your skin
Tightening it's hold?
Squeezing so much closer
To the bone?

Do you feel uneasy?
Do you feel cold?

Do you ever get the feeling
That your hearts not beating at all?

Watching as you weep
The light plays tricks on my mind
Interpreting each moan
As a warning sign

Do you ever think
About your mortal soul?
Do you feel your skin
Tightening, tightening?

Do you ever get the feeling
That your hearts not beating?

Ever get the feeling
That your hearts not beating?

Do you ever get the feeling
That your hearts not beating at all?
Track Name: I Hate Humans
I got a chemical solution for those eyes of yours
Gonna burn 'em out, see? Now you don't

Every layer that I peel away
Just reveals more of the same

I hate humans, I hate humans
Because they don't know when to give up

Dirty human scum

Devoured by the void. sub-atomic disruption
I can't wait for your planet's destruction

Can you feel it? Can you feel it?
Break your skull in half and make you eat it

I will dedicate my existance to bringing about your end