In Sinistereo (Part Two)

by Zombina and the Skeletones

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Recorded at The Kremlin, by a two headed dog
October 2015

Art by the incredible Hurricane Ivan -


released October 31, 2015

Zombina and the Skeletones is...

X. Spectre - Saxophone
J. Hem - Drums
K. K'Thulu - Bass
D. Horror - Guitar/Synth
Z. Hatchett - Vocals

Special guest keys - C. Bloc

Watch the very special Phantom With The X-Ray Mind video here -



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Track Name: Phantom With The X-Ray Mind
There's a ghost in the city
There's a phantom on the prowl
He comes from a superior planet
He's the ghost with the x-ray mind

Put the helmet on and close your eyes
Don't think about the x-ray mind

There's a ghost on the television
There's a ghost with a microphone
He comes from an alternate reality
He's a ghost with a radio show
Track Name: Witch Mountain
Hi, It's me, from your dreams
Although you claim to remember nothing
It's me you talk to in your sleep
I know your screaming subconscious beast

Now that you've let me in
I'll have you giving up before you begin
I'll be the devil on the shoulder
Of the devil on your shoulder

Understand this
I'm commanding you to do the bad things you won't do
Understand this
I'm commanding you to do the bad things that you do
'Cause you really want to

We fell so far from the tree
That I can't believe you're related to me
I mean, I really can't believe
That this is all that there is
Come on, let's kiss
Let's kiss our sisters
For all we know we don't exist yet

Every time we get our kicks
A lizard licks it's lips
You can do the twist
Across the river Styx
Track Name: The Crawling Love
There is a cloud of complications
Headed toward us from the beach
Black hearted mists will twist around you
And everything will freeze

We really should be somewhere else
We need a taxi, like, right away
We need to try just to figure out what to do

Bad stuff happened here in the old days
Somebody said an old guy put a curse on the whole place
When he died in the fireplace, it badly burned his face
And if you say his name three times, he'll be behind you

With his crawling love

There is a prehistoric insect
And it's nested in my bed
And it's laid a lot of eggs there
I can't get it out of my head

I locked my bedroom door
I ain't goin' back in there
I never realised it was you

Watch out! Anyone could be like that, I don't suppose
You would know of any way to reverse or prevent the
Changing of a man into a giant moth?
Deadly spores that he secretes inside his love...

There's no escape from crawling love
Track Name: You Swallow Spiders In Your Sleep
Oh no! Oh no! It's the middle of the night in Tokyo
Oh no! Oh no! Someone put out the lights in Chicago
Oh no! Oh no! It's raining snakes and lizards in Soho
Oh no! Oh no! It's raining flames in Puerto Rico

Bad rain all over the world
Bad dreams so you gotta learn

You've got tentacles for hair
You've got spiders in your eyes
You've got nothing left to lose
Except your life now, baby

Telekinetically aware of everything
And you're losing your mind

Oh no! Oh no! The ghosts have taken over ancient Rome
Oh no! Oh no! The river is on fire in Cologne

Bad ghosts all over the world
Bad news so you gotta learn

You swallow spiders in your sleep...